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About Our Store

by LYDIAN sells accessories to men and women. We have been doing this with passion for 12 years in our physical store in Amsterdam. The reason to start with LYDIAN is to solve the most common problem, namely not being able to find the right ring size. At by Lydian you can find the most unique jewelry in different sizes. This is one reason why we have a large and deep range of jewelry.
We have experience in personalizing products - which we simply make in our store - and selling them. We offer unique and personalized products that characterize the lifestyle of our customers. We are only satisfied when our customers purchase the products with a smile. We offer support via Facebook & Instagram, because we simply find this more personal than via email.
by LYDIAN has one physical store. We process orders from our store. In addition, by LYDIAN works in a team that is responsible for the design of the products, the website and the marketing activities. We also sell our products in our store, so feel free to stop by to view & buy our products.

Contact us

Van der Pekstraat 61
1031 CS, Amsterdam
North Holland, Netherlands

Opening hours
Monday to Friday : 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday: 11:00 - 16:00

Email: hi@bylydian.com

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